Ofrecemos bombas (completas, partes y productos asociados) y sistemas de tuberías de avanzada (movimiento de fluidos) para la industria minera y petrolera (petróleo y gas).

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Rental 24/7

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We have a wide range of rental bilge pumps in a wide range of power (2kW to 60kW)

We have the ability to supply the teams with the necessary accessories for its operation, from dashboards, hoses, level controllers, couplings, etc.

Our consultants advise our clients to suggest the effects of the equipment that best suits your needs.

Rental – Typical Applications:

  • Water diversion.
  • Drainage and bilge work.
  • Racking waters.
  • Agitated sludge.
[dt_quote]Need to hire any submersible pumps please contact ARG | M.[/dt_quote]
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